Karulal Koted

Name of Organization :Astha, Udaipur

Website :http://asthango.org

Age – 50 years born in 1963
Fathers Name- Prabhu Ji
Village- Kandula, Post – Paldeval,
District – Dungarpur, Rajasthan
Education – 12th Pass (arts) in 1980

I am the youngest out of my four Brothers. For the  initial 2-3 years I did farming on my 5 Beegha land. In the year 1985 I had gone to  Ahmadabad  and worked as a Construction Laborer. In the Crop Season I worked in cotton farms. After a while children were employed to work in Cotton Farming. Women were facing exploitation. Though some resentment of this exploitation was also noticed but in vein. In the year 2000 a survey of child labor was conducted by Shudrak organization. We also identified corrupt middle-men. People were educated on the issue of child labor.

In 2005 south Rajasthan Majdoor union was established. It was a collective effort of Astha, Prayas , AaJeevika Bureau and Manav Ashrita organizations. I worked as organizing secretary till 2010. During this tenure we stopped child labour, blocked the Gujarat route and  prevented child labor from going to Gujarat.

We  also started the registration of labour. Due to this we often came in conflict with Patels. After a while the police started supporting us. We were negotiating with the owner of cotton farms  to resolve the issues of cotton labours in the interest of these of labours. When the union faced problems  working in Gujarat then we changed the name of our Union. We gave it a new name–Majdoor Adhikar Manch.

In 2005 we got fascinated by NAREGA act and decided to work for issues related to land. The land so far was believed to be rajdani ( kings property) in governments records. In 2015 a dharna was organized to claim people’s rights on this land. The objective was to get the allotment of the land in people’s name. This dharna was quite successful. 1260 families were allotted 2 Bigha land.

Through Astha I came to know that I have been selected for SFD fellowship.

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