Manikchand Korwa

I am Manik Chand from village Kushmahi, post peshaka, panchayat Chama , thana Meral, district Ghadhva, Jharkhand.
I belong to Primitive Tribe. I have Studied up to Class 8th. Due to Paucity of money I had to migrate. I was doing the work of rod (sariya) setting in construction works in big cities of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi. While doing the work once my hand got stuck in a machine, though no major damage took place i got very scared and returned to my Village. In the village NREGA work was going on. Villagers were working there in small groups. The officers there were very dominant. Few villagers tried to stop their influence. As a result all of them were beaten up. My father was also one of  them. In Sanch the land-lord was very influential after this incident the struggle for the land got aggravated. As a result of this struggle the bonded laborers were released. Two hundred ponds (talabs) were dug where the dictatorial attitude of the contractor did not work.Efforts by some villagers were made to make people aware and to unite them.

I have learnt many things here. Now I will work for uniting this tribe which is on the verge of extinction. I will unionize  NREGA laborers so that they could get 100 days employment and full wages for their work. I will work for the preservation of water, land and the Forest. I will also make people aware about the role of Gram Sabha.

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