Mohammad Mahmood

Name of Organization :Aman Biradari, Bhagalpur

Website :

I am Mohammad Mahmood. I have studied psychology honors. I live in Shahpur tamauni, which is a small village in Bhagalpur district.

On 24th October 1989, communal riots broke out in Bhagalpur. Approximately 2000 people were killed- of which these 95% were Muslims. 273 villages and 30 localities of the cites were affected by this violence .

Since then the dominant caste people have been continuously trying to spread hatred and  humiliation  in the name of ‘Ghar vapasi’, conversion, love Jehad or some time in the name of mandir and masjid. I have noticed that the communities are divided and hate each other. That is why we started this work from 2010. We have tried to build relationship with the help of Aman Biraderi  and the Center for Equity Studies, Delhi. I also worked with ‘Misal’ organization for one and half year. Our area of interventions have been Education, Health and implementation of governmental schemes.


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