Name of Organization :Rajasthan Majdoor Kisan Morcha

I live in Tilonia village. I was born in a small family. Our livelihood was farming and working as labor. I completed my studies up to 10th class from Government middle school Tilonia as a regular student. After this I had to go to Kishangarh for work. After a while I came to know that Social work and Research center is conducting night schools for the deprived children. I also joined this and became part of the survey team of Tilonia village. I started teaching 6 to 14 age group children especially the girls. These children were helping their parents in agriculture and rearing the animals. After this I became a full timer in the organisation, and besides education and employment I also worked for transparency and accountability. For the past few years I have been part of struggles on issues like, NREGA, RTI, RTH, Pension, Ration, and Social audit. At present I am part of Rajasthan Majdoor Kisan Morcha, Kishangarh region and working to unite people around these issues. So that they become aware about their rights and entitlements.


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