Name of Organization :Jan Jagaran Shakti Sanghatan, Bihar

Website :

Why was it important for me to become a part of a collective? The reason is without being a part of a collective no official listened to me. There is strength in a collective. It is unity, and the unity has power to ensure our voices are heard. I no longer hesitate in talking to the block or district level officials. Some of them even respect me today and they all talk to me properly. Before joining the collective I would be made to wait outside the gate and they would never hear me out, I was even shy to approach ordinary citizens, but the collective has given me a lot of strength and today I can speak before anyone.

Our collective runs on support from individuals. I don’t draw a fixed salary or earn any form of income from it. I work for free. I have young children a home and I have to often leave them and work at the collective day in and day out. The fellowship is very important as it allows me to work at Jan Jagran Shakti sanghatan and take care of my children without having to look for labour elsewhere.

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