Pudussery Sreenivasan

Name of Organization : NCPRI Kerala
Email address: sarvodayakendram@gmail.com

I am an organic farmer and live in Palakkad district of Kerala. I am proud to have had an intercaste marriage, asked for no dowry or gold ornaments. My children mention no caste or religion in their certificates and we all live in a Dalit colony.

As one of the state coordinators of the Kerala Vivaravakasa Koottayma (NCPRI-Kerala) I am involved in conducting public hearings, protests and sensitizing the communities around about issues and spread awareness about the Right to Information Act and its uses. I am also a resource person for social audit and RTI training in the region.

I am in the process of setting up teams to conduct social audit in Government schools and also mobilizing the organic farmers in Palakkad to come together for a ‘Good Food Movement’ which will promote organic farming and its benefits.

For the past twelve years i have been an active part of the Plachimada Anti- Coco-cola case. We were arrested and imprisoned in the central jail where we carried out fasting satyagraha. It became a big issue in Kerala and our struggle was a success.

I think it is important to respect the democratic rights of others and ourselves. I will not allow anyone to control my Rights.

I strive to live in harmony with nature and practice non-violence in my personal and professional/ social) life.



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