Ramlal Bhatt

Name of organization: Sanchar Jan Chetna Trust, Dehradun

Ram lal is a cultural activist, born into a traditional pupeteers family in Rajasthan. As a child he used to travel extensively with his father for performances from village to village . He eventually got tired of the travel and lack of respect the art got because of its caste affiliation. Later he joined the SWRC, Tilonia and under the guidance of Tripurari Sharma and immense support from Aruna Roy and Shankar Singh, he began using puppetry for social awareness and political commentary and not entertainment alone. He has been associated with MKSS,Rajasthan, the RTI and NREGA movements, Aasra trust Dehradun, WWF,CAMPA and so on.

Today he has traveled across the world using puppetry in support of various social movements ranging from forest rights, Environment protection, Child and women’s rights, RTI, NREGA , election and voters rights and so on.


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