Surekha Bhimrao Gade

Name of Organization :Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat

Website :

I have been associated with kagaj, kanch, Patra kashtekari Panchayat for the last 22 years. I got the opportunity to link up with Social work when I joined SNDT women’s university’s adult literacy mission. Purnima and Lakshmi encouraged me to take up social work. My family was very poor and my mother was a victim of caste violence. Since my childhood I had closely observed the injustice my mother had to face. That is why I could not tolerate the injustice with any member of my community. I chose to work in this organization. I have Studied up to 10th class. I enjoy working with people. It gives me pleasure. I would like to undergo training in the areas of helping victims of Domestic violence, Rehabilitation of rape victims, pension and Ration issues so I am equipped to deal with issues that I believe need urgent attention.


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