Taramani Sahu

Name of Organization : Jharkhand NREGA Watch

I am Taramani Sahu. My father was in the Railways. I was brought up in Railway colonies. My hobbies were dancing, singing and traveling. I was anxious to take up a job but I was married off and my in-laws were well educated. They were Doctors, Engineers etc. We were quite well off. In due course of time I was appointed the principle of a middle school. In our school children of poor families were also studying. Sometimes they did not even have money to deposit the fees of their child. In such circumstances they use to come to me to share their problems and often used to cry to express their inability to pay the fees. Once I got so disturbed that I could not sleep. I asked myself, what am I doing? This is not the goal of my life. I have to do something for these poor people. There will be many more people to teach these children but who will work for the rights of these poor labors. Come what may, I will fight for their rights. I will not pay attention to the negative remarks and criticisms. My family is still opposing my decision but I am happy. My husband is also supporting me. Many villagers still call me mad, they say,that this daughter in law of our village keeps wandering from village to village. She flouts all the norms related to castes but I love my work. This is my dream and the goal of my life.

My favorite song is: ”Ai mere vatan ke logon, zara aankh men bhar lo paani.” This song gives me energy. The introductory workshop of the Democracy Fellowship Program has given me strength and hope to work towards betterment for all.

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