Loktantrashala (School For Democracy) has initiated organizing informal discussions on important issues called dialogues on democracy or charcha. As the title suggests, charchas are dialogues or open discussions on various aspects of democracy and issues relating to it. The primary purpose of these dialogues has been to reach out to a cross section of young people. The idea is to focus on contemporary political issues, have discussions and debates on democratic rights and practice and seek involvement in ongoing processes of grassroots action. Discussions have been held over topics such as Nuclear energy and its fall-outs (the Kudankulam issue), broadcasting an alternative politics and Afzal Gurus hanging and its consequences on Kashmir.

The charchas have a simple format, which allow easy transfer and replication. They are designed to encourage young people to engage and take initiative to conduct their own charchas in their areas with minimum assistance from Loktantrashala. A charcha can be held on any topic with democratic relevance. Two or three resource persons are invited to participate and offer short opening remarks after which the floor is left open for discussion. Members can pose questions, present an idea or thought, debate a presented idea, and even convey dissent. It is a space that is equal and just and upholds complete freedom of expression. Often discussions are interspersed with some sort of alternate means of communication; music, puppets, audio-visual clips, etc.