Internships are open for students who wish to participate in work that the School for Democracy engages in, which range from working with our community libraries, participating and helping organize courses and any-other work being carried out during the period of the internship.

Work will be in and around the villages where we are located. Interns will live as we do, and help out with all the daily chores- cooking, cleaning and so on that is required.

Internships will have to be for a minimum period of one month. If the associated institutions/colleges have requirements that the students will have to complete during their internship do mention it in the mail. Fluency in Hindi/English will be desirable. A fee of Rs 100 per day will be charged from interns. The fee however is not rigid.


We invite motivated young individuals to join us as volunteers and support us in our work or contribute to the space in your own special ways.

A fee of Rs 100 per day will be charged however the amount is not rigid. We would prefer if volunteers stay with us for at least a month. Fluency in Hindi/English will be desirable.

To apply:

Interested persons kindly send their detailed CV to

For any further information please feel free to write to us . We look forward to having you with us at School for Democracy.