Lal Singh

Lal Singh is the secretary of School for Democracy-Loktantrashala. He is also one of the founding members of the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sanghthan. His love for Kabir’s dohas, Krishnamurti’s take on life and being, and his coherent understanding of people and politics in rural India make him an asset to the space.

Reny Joseph

Reny is the academic coordinator at SFD. Originally from the district of Kollam in Kerala, he went on to study economics at Loyola College. He worked with Gramvikas in Orissa and the MKSS before joining SFD in 2015. He brings structure and discipline to our team. 

Jitendra Dabariya

Jeetu looks after the accounts. He is one of our youngest members on the team, and is from a small village called Mundoti in Ajmer district, Rajasthan. He joined SFD after his schooling, in 2015, as an accounts trainee. He is pursuing his Masters in Social Work.

Taru Singh

Taru is in charge of the store and video documentation of all of SFD’s activities on and off campus. He is a self-taught videographer and is always eager to learn and better his skills. He is from Sohangarh, a village close to the campus and this familiarity with the communities and villages around help us in our outreach, planning and organising activities in villages around us. He joined us in the year 2013.

Mohammad Nawazuddin

Nawaz joined SFD in March 2019 after a brief stint of volunteering at MKSS and a longer corporate stint of 3 years in the Oil and Media industry. He is an engineer by graduation and pursued Liberal Arts at Ashoka University as part of Young India Fellowship. 


Deepika has been helping at one of the SFD run libraries in Bhim and presently takes care of the documentation and digitisation works ongoing at SFD. 

Bhanwar Singh

Bhanwar ji helps at the mess and is in charge of campus maintenance. He is a farmer, expert sweetmaker, and a quiet, hardworking member of the team. He has played different roles all his life in different parts of the country and even helped in the construction of the buildings on campus. He joined us in 2012.

Lakhan Singh

Lakhan is the mess-in-charge at SFD. He formerly worked with the SWRC in Tilonia and then joined us in 2014. When he is around, fun and laughter are sure to follow.


Kishan is a rural architect who, along with others, helped design the campus, and oversaw the entire construction process. He is responsible for campus maintenance and has been with us from the very beginning.

Laxmi Devi

Laxmi Devi joined SFD in 2015. She is from the village Sadharan in Bhim. She helps at the mess and with campus maintenance.