Interns from different educational institutions often come for a joint internship at the School For Democracy and the MKSS. The format of the orientation programme includes theory and fieldwork. The initial days are spent at the School for Democracy with resource persons to understand ground issues and gain a theoretical perspective on laws, society and rural issues. This includes the work MKSS has done on right to work and information; understanding the legal structure and laws like right to hearing and NREGA; and issues like discrimination, political economy and gender.

The remainder of the time is spent in the field visiting villages to understand the issues that people face. This may be done through means of the “Right to Hearing” padyatra, where the whole group is divided into teams that pick a panchayat and try and get people to register complaints. Visits to MGNREGS worksites are organised to help interns to get an understanding of how the employment guarantee scheme has been helping in alleviation of poverty. Furthermore visits to Panchayat offices were also organized to make the interns understand the functioning of rural administrative matters. Interns also participated in various Dharnas, public-hearings and workshops that the School For Democracy participated and organized with other organisations and campaigns.