a)     Theatre workshop

  • A theatre workshop was organised in SFD in November 2015 as part of the creative exercise for making songs, slogans and street plays for the 100 days’ ‘Jawaabdehi Yatra’. The workshop was held for a period of 15 days and about 30 people from different civil society groups from the Soochna Evam Rozgar Adhikar Abhiyan (SR Abhiyan) participated in it. Street plays (on education, ration, pension etc) and campaign songs were created as a collective exercise. These songs/slogans/plays have played a vital role in the 100 days’ yatra mobilizing enormous public support and attention.
  • Before the Rajasthan assembly elections in November 2013, SFD did a theatre workshop. Political activists from all over Rajasthan gathered to learn how to use puppets, music and lyrics to raise political awareness about voting and elections. 

b)     Dairy farmers’ workshop

Bringing together the dairy farmers in the region, a two days workshop was organised in SFD in the month of February 2016. About 200 farmers from different village cooperative societies in the region attended the workshop. The workshop facilitated discussions on methods of improving dairy farming and maximizing returns to the farmer in a cooperative structure. The farmers were educated on cooperative marketing system, its benefits, veterinary support, ensuring availability of adequate fodder etc. The workshop also facilitated an interaction between farmers and government officials. The Chairman, Bhilwara Cooperative Dairy also participated in the workshop and interacted with the farmers.

c)     Gender workshop

A two days gender workshop was organised in December 2016 by a group of Rajasthan women’s activists. The workshop tried to facilitate an open discussion on feminist concerns with regard to marriage, friendship and relations, and understand the gender perceptions and issues. More than 30 women’s activists from across Rajasthan participated in the workshop.