Khamayati has been inspired by the rich and varied legacy of Rajasthani culture, and Komal Kothari, who worked with and established the modern context of these great traditions. He always provided space for discussion so that the artists and performers could participate in discussions about their own problems. The transition from a feudal social relationship with patrons to modern musicians was facilitated by him.
Khamayati is the raga used as the invocation for the beginning of all concerts. The name was chosen as both an invocation, and a celebration of tradition.The website facilitates lovers of Rajasthani music to connect directly with the musicians. By promoting Khamayati, School for Democracy, hopes to explore concepts of democracy, secularism, and equality through art and culture.

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The Folk Music of the Langas

Rajasthan is home to a rich tradition of music. In October 2014 SFD invited Hyatt Khan Langa and his troupe from Jodhpur to perform at SFD. The Langas are traditional baladees and legatees to a rich tradition of folk music. Their music uses instruments like the khamaicha and dhol with vocal accompaniment. The Langas music is laced with the emotions and tones of traditional Rajasthani life. The audience consisted of students from Bangalore. Before the performance the Langas held a music workshop where they taught the lyrics of a traditional wedding song to the audience, mostly students from NLS Bangalore, to the accompaniment of their traditional instruments. The grand finale was when the students came onstage and sang the song.